P-Bassilus & Pseudo

P-Bassilus & Pseudo (Bacillus Subtilis & Psudomonas Fluorescens (C.F.U/ml) 2X109

Benefits :
1. Downy, powdery mildew & black spot on leaves & fruits & other diseases effective management.
2. Increases disease/pest resistance of crop.
3. Bio management of fungal diseases of crops.
4. Uniform Growth.
5. Healthy & Vigorous Growth.
6. To improve Quality Yield

  • Contents : A liter of Bassilus Subtilis & Psudomonas Flurescens contains 2X109 C.F.U/ml viable spores of Bacillus Subills & Psudomonas Flurescens. It is a powerful antifungal activity and wide enzyme spectrum.
  • Use : For all crops (grapes, cereals, pulses, fruits, vegetables & ornamental crops.)
  • Application method : Foliar spray and soil application at the rate of 2ml / lit. of water.