Eco-Neemax (Neem oil 10000ppm)

It contains Neem Oil
ECO-NEEMAX when applied as protective acts as antiffident & repellent of pests.
It prevents insect to feed on plant part & repelling them.
It helps in maintaining environmental health by reducing the level of pollution.
It is totally eco-friendly & herbal pesticides.
It reduces cost of cultivation & improves the soil helth.
It stops the growth & reproduction of insects, makes them weak & finally kill them.

  • Recommendation : For grapes, pomegranate, mango, sugarcane, paddy, wheat, soyabean, onion, cotton, potato, tur, gram, brinjal, groundnut, chilli, tomato, strawberry, oil seed, pulses, all fruits, vegetables & flowering crops.
  • Dose : Dissolve Eco-Neemax 1 to 2 ml. per Itr. of water & spray thoroughly. Repeat the spray at on interval of 15 days for better crop growth.
  • Compatibility : With most of pesticides & fungicides. Don't mix with copper-based products.